Support for marijuana legalization at a historical high

The marijuana drug, also called cannabis, can produce a range of psychological and physical effects. The chemical responsible for most of the psychoactive effects found in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol. is present in the range of 5 to 15%.

The principal argument in favor legalizing marijuana is the need to remove its production from criminal hands and have it controlled by legal agencies. Production would be regulated and authorities could test for quality, purity and potency as well as harmful substances prior to distribution to the public. To raise revenue for the state taxes can also be levied on cannabis products.

A key argument is that the legalization of marijuana could lead to more efficient use of resources by police. The legalization of marijuana has led some parts of the world to horrific prison conditions for minor drug users, and in all instances, diverts police resources from fighting violent criminals.

Legalization lets authorities control the process of distribution. In order to ensure that the drugs are not being sold as candy to children and children, standards for quality could be established. At present, dealers do not have the motivation to refrain from selling illegal drugs to youngsters. The government will have the ability to impose taxation on marijuana, and provide them with part of the proceeds from the sale or production of marijuana. Legalization results in a reduction in the number of crimes committed and a reduction in state spending due to an enlargement of police.

Legalization will also permit the government to regulate environmental effects of marijuana production. Many are concerned that marijuana production in large quantities will lead to deforestation, soil erosion, depletion, soil erosion, chemical pollution and loss. By allowing state officials to supervise cultivation methods that cause negative environmental effects, they are able to be reduced or completely eliminated.

Legalization could allow for better education on marijuana use. These programs could be targeted at young children and adolescents to inform them of possible harmful side effects from the use of marijuana. The information on the safe use of marijuana would not be concealed from the public by dealers in the drug trade, who would be motivated to keep people in the dark. The information would be available to everyone who wishes to learn more.

Legalization would also allow the state to manage and tax the drug trade. Legalization could result in higher income for the state and a decrease in crime and other negative social impacts. State authorities would monitor cultivation techniques and grow places to lessen or stop the negative effects of marijuana production. Finally, better education programs regarding marijuana usage could allow individuals to make informed decisions about its consumption.

There are many arguments for legalizing marijuana. There are very few arguments against it. Criminalization’s negative consequences overshadow any benefits that could result from it. It is clear that marijuana should be legalized by governments for recreational use.

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