I started preparing for this project last year but actual pictures began in January since we did not get much snow last winter. So I would say about 8 months of shooting and collecting pictures. I wanted to cover a lot of events throughout Chicago that is why it took so long. First big event was St. Patrick’s Day river dyeing green. It was shot specifically for this project but I decided to release it on Youtube since it came out so well.

Ideas for angels and some specific point of view came to me down the road. There is so many great time lapses of Chicago and I had to take it to the next level with picture quality, interesting POV, movement and editing. Viewer expectations nowadays are so high that it had to be unique.

Editing started in July when I found the perfect licensed music for the project. I did not want to rush it and wanted to cover Air & Water Show, full moon, fireworks at Navy Pier etc. Piece by piece I was putting it together and it started to look good so I was hungry for more. I finally had what was in my plan and here it is. It has been a very long journey on the streets of Chicago but definitely it’s definitely satisfying. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.