Folks normally have the rare opportunity to visit places and the best way to treasure them is snapping great shots. Disney World is a place that most would love to see, the frequency of which varied depending on time and money. Regardless, one trip should be enough to get a chance to see the scintillating views and treasure them for years to come.


One of the places most should not miss are the three mountains at Disney World. These are the Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain are a must for adventure seekers, magical places pegged to take anyone’s breath away. It would be best to bring along the best bags to take on a Disney World trip, storage to make sure that cameras, laptops or tablets are securely stored as well as other paraphernalia people want along. If you aren’t familiar with these areas or want some ideas of things to photograph while here then you should listen to a Disney podcast to help you get the most out of a Disney trip.


The Space Mountain should be a splendid place to check out, offering folks a rip-roaring trip to skim through the darkest outskirts of space. It is technically a roller-coaster ride for any visitor that includes interactive training – meaning people get to learn and enjoy at the same time.  If a futuristic ride doesn’t capture your fancy then the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad could be an alternative. For those not into science, perhaps getting a feel of the western-life is for you. The Splash Mountains take people to a hare-raising adventure, venturing out into the wild featuring characters and songs from the Disney film “Song of the South.”  


If these three mountains are not enough, then perhaps the Haunted Mansion can arouse one’s curiosity. Though not really as frightening as the name of the place connotes, the Haunted Mansion is simply fabulous to check out for some spine-tingling and eerie confrontations with ghosts and ghoulies. Harmless as it may seem, adults are advised to look after their siblings during the tour.


Folks who go to Disney World looking to have some fun will enjoy Toy Story Mania. The name alone strikes a tune, meaning lots of recreational activities and games are in store for adults and kids alike. There is the Toy Story Land and Slinky Dog Dash to check out, not to mention the Alien Swirl Saucers that should be a hit for folks who want to experience a different kind of a ride. When customers start to build an appetite, there is Woody’s Lunch Box ready to serve some tasty treats.


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